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Mengapa Tiang PJU Modern Menjadi Pilihan Utama: Keunggulan dan Keistimewaan

Pencahayaan Jalan Umum (PJU) merupakan elemen kritis dalam pengembangan perkotaan yang modern. Saat ini, tiang PJU modern telah me

Bpk Tri Pamungkas 10 Jan 2024

PT. Nusa Citra Cipta

PT.Nusa Image Copyright ( Ncc ) Is A Company That Started Since The Establishment Until Now Always Exsist In The Field Of Lighting Pole For His Efforts That Way . One Product That Became The Mainstay Of Our Antique Lighting Pole , Pole Hexagonal , Octagonal Pole , Polygonal Pole , And Round Pole . PT Citra Nusa Cipta ( Ncc ) Pole Light Pju Produce To Meet Consumer Needs , With Our Commitment To Serve Our Customers It Can Be Economical Products With Comparable Quality , By Applying Strict Scrutiny Integrated , Starting From The Selection Of Raw Materials , Production Processes Up To Delivery . Pole Products Division Supported Nusa Cipta Citra Sufficient Human Resources Field , Complete Equipment Such As Cutting Machines ( Cutting Mechine ) , Welding Processes ( Welding Processes ) , Bending Machine ( Press Brake Maching ) And Supported By The R & D Part Reliable . Units - Units Pole Nusa Cipta Citra ( Ncc ) Includes The Following : » Pju Pole Hexagon And Eight » Pole Pju Round Shape » Floodlight Poles High Mast Tower Shape » Floodlight Pole Round & Octagonal Shape » Pole Lamp Antique » Traffic Light Pole » Mast Lightning » Pole Garden Lamp Shape Box » Mast Antenna » Mast Camera » Electric Pole Pull » Pole Design Spet ( On Demand ) Or Special Design .